Public Service Announcement Festival 2015


TThe rationale behind such an initiative on the part of DBICA is to instill social consciousness and responsibility in the hearts and minds of young people especially in their creations and foster positive values in them. Any artistic creation that has a social liaison has something powerful to communicate, and that unfolds its relevance and efficacy. It has been very much at the heart of DBICA to create, foster and motivate a media content that can conscientize, educate, inspire and modify public attitudes towards common welfare and social transformation. DBICA believes in encouraging those in the field of media to use to use their skills and talents to build up a better society, thus inducing them to become committed, creative and relevant media producers. The 11th edition of the Public Service Announcement festival will be in 13th September 2015, at DBICA Digital Theatres, Chennai. The filmmakers are most welcome to submit their PSA projects.

Last date to submit the entries 20.08.2015.

Themes for PSA

  • Human Rights
  • Stop bullying
  • Children, Youth issues and problems.
  • Racial Justice
  • Religious Freedom
  • Environment (Agriculture, Animal Rights, Biodiversity, Corporate Violations to the Environment, Environmental Justice, Environmental Preservation, Pollution and Sustainable Agriculture)
    Family & Society
  • Health (AIDS, Cancer, Death & Dying, Drug Abuse, Elderly, Health Reform, Mental Health, Physical Disabilities and Women’s Health)
  • Criminal Justice (Death Penalty, Juvenile Justice, Police Brutality, Prison Reform and Prisoner Rights)
  • Economic Justice (Economic Development, Housing and Homelessness, Illiteracy, Labor, Poverty and Welfare)
  • Gender Justice
  • Immigration (Bilingual Education, Immigration Laws, Migrant Workers and Refugees)
  • Media (Censorship, Digital Divide, Digital Media, Fair Representation and Media Literacy)
  • Politics/Government
  • Animal Welfare


  • To create awareness on the various social issues and problems.
  • To encourage film makers to create explicit awareness on issues and problems concerning the betterment of the society.
  • To motivate the public to modify their behavior towards responsible citizenship and common welfare.
  • To foster values in the minds and hearts of the public towards the creation of a better society.
  • To motivate film makers and young entrepreneurs to be ethical and committed in their creations.