International Women’s Short Flim Festival 2014

“Celebrate Womanhood”

Topics about women are sensational and awakening. When it is a contest of Fashion Show or a Miss World, there is so much of noise made about it and when it is about the woes and struggles of women, hardly any noise is made about it. What’s up? A new intiative is in the offing, with DBICA – Don Bosco Institute of Communication Arts jointly partnering with Fidel Goetz Stiftung Foundation, in bringing into limelight the situation of the women across the world, showcasing their unique cultural, social, economical and ethnic capabilities through the genre of short films.
DBICA & Goetz feel proud to honour women who have excelled and contributed a lot to the society, especially in emancipating and empowering women worldwide.

Why Film Festival & Women..???

A moving image with sound, which can elicit and solicit the strongest feelings and emotions when it is communicated powerfully. It can also be thought of as a right forum through which women’s issues can be addressed. It is perhaps the strongest and simplest mode of communication that can break all obstacles and transcend all barriers. Inspite of women striving hard to make their mark in the society, there are various threats that stop them in pursuing it. This event will provide a wonderful opportunity for women worldwide to come together and voice their thoughts against such issues through media.

  • The images of women on film directly impact the way women are perceived, judged and treated in the society.
  • Film makers, have made novel attempts in highlighting many hidden stories and themes related to women and such projects have to be encouraged.

Celebrate Womanhood

Celebrating Womanhood would mean a wide range of aspects relating to women and her perceptions, emancipation empowerment and success. The figure of a woman can symbolically mean so much to humanity. She is an embodiment of Strength, Sacrifice, Endurance and Love. DBICA & Goetz are offering this wonderful platform to bring to awareness and celebrate meaningfully the situation of women all over the world.


  • A platform to prove what, “The Woman can do as A Woman”
  • To communicate the actual perception on various issues of woman in different parts of the world and how it has been approached.
  • To recognize the artistic talents of women film makers who have brought out such themes in their creations.
  • To bring into focus through the visual medium, gender disparity and issues related to women that are often sidelined.
  • Women have daringly strived and achieved, through hard work and selfless sacrifices. Their efforts need to be showcased and recognized.
  • To bring awareness on abuses and violence against women all over the world.
  • Screening of a variety of short films related to women, can be a powerful tool to education, empowerment and enlightenment.


  • One day screening of selected shortlisted short films in the theatre premises.
  • Participation and collaboration of civil authorities and women achievers on the day of the festival.
  • Awards, Mementos and Recognition for award winning short films made on women themes.
  • Participation of all like-minded women groups and public in the festival.
  • Women achievers awards cum cultural programme as a sequel to the festival in which creative cultural expressions on women themes will be exhibited.

Date & Venue

4th October 2014, International Women’s Short Film Festival at EGA Theatres, Chennai, from 10 am to 6 pm.
6th October 2014, Women Achiever’s Award cum Cultural Programme, at Centenary Hall, Madras University , from 3 to 6pm.

Dreams & Hopes

This attempt may be a small drop in the ocean, but we believe that this beginning may provide ripple effects that can penetrate deep in the oceans of humanity and effect a positive change on the understanding of women. Raising awareness is also meant to change people’s hearts and minds, attitudes and perception, strategies and approaches both at the macro level and the micro level. We believe that the short films can provide impetus and inspiration to move ahead, break barriers and pave ways for positive change, and truly celebrate womanhood in every part of the world in every field of activity.