The Sixth DBICA Short Film Festival was held at DBICA Campus. More than 40 short films were registered for the DBICA short film festival which took place on the 1st of April 2007. The festival was inaugurated under the august presence of Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Swamikannu – the provincial of Chennai, Mr. Stanley – the noted film maker and Mr. Vasan a renowned industrialist. After the initial welcome address by Fr. Harris, the director of DBICA, Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Swamikannu in his inaugural address, highlighted the fact that short films by their nature could contribute in a great way to today’s society.

He said that short films because of their shorter duration, have the capacity to narrate and capture so many details and aspects of daily life, which do not catch the attention of the feature films and find no place in them. Director Stanley, declared open the short film festival, and expressed his wish that better network could be created among among short film makers to foster better publicity and marketing, and also broadcast them in television channels and create a space for them in local theatres. Around 30 films were screened during the festival. The films were judged by a jury panel constituting experts from the field of media. The award ceremony began at 4.30 p.m in the presence of film directors Mysskin and Stanley. Mr. Myskin in his message to the participants highlighted that there was so much to learn from cinema and that we always remain as students in our media creations. He said a keen sense of observation and reflection on what was happening around would lead to deeper insights and better creative creations.

Director Stanley announced the prize winners. The first prize with a cash award of Rs. 5,000/– was bagged by Mr. Ruban for his short film “Freedom“, while the second prize with a cash award of Rs. 3000/- was given to Nithish for his film “Manu“ and the third prize with a cash award of Rs. 2000/- was awarded to G. Krishnamoorthy for his film “Sense“. All the participants were also awarded a participation certificate for their short films. The film festival witnessed an assortment of short films, with amazing and touching themes, commendable to a great extent since they were all creations of young film makers.

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