The screening began at 6.30 p.m, at DBICA auditorium on the 17th September with the award winning wildlife and conservation filmmaker, Shekar Dattatri a Chennaite, giving very interesting insights, while sharing about his two year experiences in the making of this 40 minute documentary. The participants were much enthused and involved hearing about the hardships and struggles that the film maker and his crew had to undergo in the making of the film. This unique film takes one through the tiger`s life, from birth to death, and illustrates how different human activities impact the conservation of this great predator.

Mr. Dattatri, no doubt had a personal experience and he was passionate and concerned about the tigers in all sanctuaries and the possible measures to conserve them, and how each and every citizen could directly or indirectly contribute towards saving the tiger.

The documentary offered stunning footages shot by some of the world`s leading cinematographers with deep insights from experts such as renowned tiger biologist Dr. Ullas Karanth of the Wildlife Conservation Society, and wildlife crime fighter, Belinda Wright of the Wildlife Protection Society of India. Internationally acclaimed actor, Roshan Seth, provides the narration, and one of Britain`s top documentary composers, David Mitcham has contributed to the music score.

It was once again a great time for DBICA collaborating with Poovulagin Nanbargal and the Kanchana Film Society for the September Eco screening, and it made everyone feel concerned and

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