To create awareness on Eco issues and foster Eco sensibility, DBICA launched it`s monthly eco screening in collaboration with “Poovulagin Nangbargal & Kanchanai Film Society” on 16th August at 6.30p.m. The first series of screening featured short films on environment “Kathirvichu Kadhaigal” directed by R.B. Amudhan, followed by Anto’s “Puli Yaaruku?” and “The Man who planted trees” by Fredrick Back.

The presence of the film makers R.B. Amudhan and Anto made the screening and the discussions very interesting and brought into lime light the various issues, problems and challenges that their films have highlighted. R.B. Amudhan in his documentary, “Kathirvichu Kadhaigal” talks about the dangers caused to human health, specially the number of radiation related illness and deaths in certain villages near the coastal belt of Kanyakumari district, due to the artificially created radioactive sand dunes. Mr. Anto in his documentary “Puli Yarukku” explained the issues concerning the survival of Tigers in the Nilgiri hills. Perhaps the movie that was so very touching and thought provoking was Fredrick Back’s “The Man who planted trees” a Canadian Short animated film, narrating the story of one shepherd’s long and successful singlehanded effort to re-forest a desolate valley to grow trees. A vibrant and participative interaction among the audience was noteworthy, and revealed a genuine concern on the part of the audience towards the Environment.

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