Giving an opportunity for a child to express what it feels and where it can shine was the logic behind the children`s day contests conducted by DBICA and DBAI for the second consecutive year for the schools in Chennai. This year the contests had a special significance because out of 100 schools that took part, 52 were corporation schools and 48 were private and aided schools. These contests in Poetry and Art were an opportunity for the young minds to give vent to their creative energy and express their skills, talents and foster positive values in them towards the society in which we live.

The materials required for the contests – drawing chart & papers were all given to the schools, together with the rules and regulations in the second week of October, and the entries were collected on the 4th November 2010. These contests were very meticulously planned for three categories of students, namely Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Seniors and executed by the staff of DBICA and Don Bosco Anbu Illam in the respective schools. An average of 60 students participated from each of the schools and almost 6000 children on the whole benefitted through these contests.

The winners were shortlisted separately for Corporation Schools and that of the other schools and totally 36 of them will be awarded during the inaugural ceremony of the 3rd International Children`s Short Film Festival. No doubt, the children`s day contests provided the children with an opportunity to express themselves to the full and be duly rewarded.

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