Chennai Christian Short Film Festival 2013

Can we give life to our Christian faith? Can we make the treasures of Christ more vibrant, appealing and attractive with visuals, light and sound? For all Christians involved in media, it should be our pride, duty and honour to make this supreme treasure, our Lord Jesus Christ and his message known through this powerful medium of filmmaking.
In this modern technological world, ‘Media’ is a magic word, for it can give life to anything on this earth and make it as appealing and attractive as possible. We would be failing in our duty, if we do not turn and use this precious boon as a powerful weapon to fight evil and proclaim the good news. All Christian leaders have constantly affirmed of the need to use this great gift of Media to communicate the good news of Christ to the farthest ends of the world. CCSFF – Chennai Christian short Film Festival, scheduled for 9th November 2013, strives to bring into synergy all creative Christian energy.
If we love Jesus with all our hearts and have a great passion for this remarkable medium, then our creations must bring out the grandeur, beauty, power, relevance and efficacy of Christ’s message to the world. A beautiful opportunity to showcase your works, build up the faith and foster good values in the society.
All short films/music videos that reflect a distinctively Christian worldview, where the person of Jesus Christ and his message is incorporated in the visuals is very much encouraged and welcome before 20th October 2013. The best of entries in both the categories will be very specially awarded on the day of the festival.


  • To bring together all film makers and media professionals who have Jesus Christ, His message and values as the content of their communication.
  • To create networking and interaction among Christian media entrepreneurs and film makers.
  • To provide a platform for young Christian film makers to showcase their works, and motivate them to pursue greater goals in their career, and offer them appropriate recognition for excellence in Christian Film Production.
  • To encourage Christians to be involved in arts and media, so as to unleash their creative power and deep faith through media.
  • To highlight how media can be a powerful vehicle for evangelization and effective communication of the gospel.
  • To highlight the power and relevance of Christian filmmaking, especially of elevating the hearts and minds of the viewers through powerful visualizations and scripts that can transform humanity.
  • To counter act the challenges presented by media and make one, fight the evils of the society through positive filmmaking.
  • To unite all Christian media professionals under one umbrella and contribute towards or the building of God’s kingdom through media.
  • To provide opportunities for young people and the public, to see a variety of inspiring short films from all over, and get recharged and strengthened in their faith.