Don Bosco Institute of Communication Arts – DBICA, is a nonprofit Media and Communications organization, belonging to the thousands of Don Bosco Institutions functioning in over 131 countries across the globe, committed to the formation of the young people and empowering them to be media literate and produce a media content that is educative, entertaining and socially reflective.

Over the years DBICA, has emerged as one among the premier media institutes in Chennai actively involved in imparting values, shaping skills and forming young people to be critical consumers and creative entrepreneurs of media. DBICA continues to be a bridge, providing a platform for critics and professionals to discuss media and social issues through seminars, research, short film festivals and various other media campaigns.


Screening of Short film and documentaries, and discussion thereafter was a regular feature at DBICA right from 1997. The passion to use this medium of short films to communicate effectively, create awareness and encourage short film makers paved the way for starting of Short film festivals. These festivals have been seen as contributing in a very positive way to the growth and spread of this medium, to the powerful transmission of messages that can contribute in a great way to create a positive culture and transformation of society.

The first short film festival was organized in 2002 and gradually a number of short film festivals based on various themes and issues were planned and it became an annual feature of DBICA. Today, a number of short film festivals are organized periodically, providing a unique platform for short film makers and young media entrepreneurs to showcase their works; facilitate interaction, networking and publicity among those in media industry and creating a lot of awareness among the public. These festivals are conducted in collaboration with a number of Colleges, NGOs, Media Institutes, Film Festival Organizers, Film Critics, Media Personalities, Film-Makers, Media Students and Film Lovers.

There are other thematic film festivals that DBICA organizes periodically on various themes and issues in collaboration with other institutes, NGO s and groups. Some of the thematic festivals that we have organized so far are Eco Film Festival (EFF), Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF), Disaster Film Festival (DFF), Water Film Festival (WFF), Mother Teresa Film Festival, Women’s Film Festival (WFF) etc.


  • DBICA Short Film Festival (DSFF)
  • Public Service Announcement (PSA)
  • International Short Film Festival of India (ISFFI)
  • International Children’s Short Film Festival (ICSFF)
  • Chennai Christian Short Film Festival (CCSFF)