The second day of ISFFI began with the next set of screening in which 27 shorts, spaced out in three shows culminated in the award ceremony at 4.30 pm. The big array of filmmakers – Director Lingusamy, Director Thambi Ramaiah, Director Mu. Kalanjiyam, Director Nanda Periyasamy, Director S. Ezhil, Director Balasekaran, Director Durai, Director R. Kannan, Director Kulandai Velapppan, Director A. Venkatesh, Director Seenu Ramasamy, Director S.P. Hosimin, Director Balaji Mohan, Director Ravi Maria and Director Bhimsingh Lenin, made the finale of ISFFI 2012 very memorable.

After the words of welcome by the festival director and felicitations, Mr. Bhimsingh Lenin, the noted film editor fondly called the big brother of DBICA gave his views from the point of view of jury. He appreciated the filmmakers for their wonderful creations and exhorted then to make films that can really transcend expectations and reflect high quality.

Mr. Thambi Ramayya, the multi faceted personality of the Tamil cinema industry and the National award winner addressed the young short filmmakers in his own unique style. He said that the pace of the world`s growth and development have forced many areas to become short, sweet and easily affordable. Hence the imminent challenge to short filmmakers is to produce the best within the stipulated time.

Mr. A. Venkatesh, while addressing the participants highlighted the new trends in the media industry and reiterated that short films served as a launching pad for any professional venture into film making, providing ample experience and confidence to the film makers.

Mr. Lingusamy, started his address on a very cheerful note, expressing his joy that such festivals to promote short films were a big avenue for young film directors and apprentices to learn and improve in their creative thinking.

Mr. Cheenu Ramasamy, the National award winner, congratulated the award winners and motivated the participants to make these occasions’ wonderful opportunities for learning. He lauded the efforts of DBICA for having continued such initiatives without commercial motives and did to the short film makers what the Tamil cinema industry should have done.

Director Durai while addressing the audience shared his personal experience of how he started his career with a short film and stepped into the cine industry. Actor cum director Ravi Maria was also in his best self, stating that Thiruvaluvar the great poet wrote scripts for short films and that from those two line kurals so many feature films were being made.

Mr. R. Kannan, the noted film maker expressed that short films had a great future, and that all assistants of the cine industry should watch these short films, and that film directors should encourage them to do so.

Director Ezhil, first congratulated the young filmmaker Balaji Mohan for his recent debut film, “Kaadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi…?” and encouraged the other fellow short filmmakers to come out with lot of creative ideas and quality scripts that can solicit greater openings for their career.

Mr. Mu Kalanjiyam, in his power packed speech explained how short films were always present from the beginning of cinema and also affirmed that the world famous movie “The Great Train Robbery“ was conceived and developed as short film and the world best series by Charlie Chaplin were also of short stories.

The last among the dignitaries to convey their messages was director Balaji Mohan, who had already won an award at ISFFI in 2009. He motivated young filmmakers to confidently create inspiring stories and that opportunities would knock at their door, just as was his experience.

The crowning moment of festival was the declaration of the ISFFI 2012 awards, which were shortlisted by the board of Jury comprising of Mr. Bhimsingh Lenin – the noted film editor, Mr. R Dhanraj Balaji – Head of Dept., S.R.M. Sivaji Ganesan Film Institute, Mr. Arun Gupta – Senior Faculty, Film & Video Communication, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Mr. Brian M Jennings – Animation Specialist & Visual Effects, USA, Mr. Ramasamy Subramaniam – Dept. Sound – MGR Govt. Film & TV Institute, and Mr. John E – the noted Screenplay writer.

After distributing the participation certificates for the film makers present, the ISFFI 2012 awards were declared. In the international category, the Chinese short film “Shangai Love Market“ directed by Craig Rosenthal got the first place, while the Spanish short film “Septiembre“ directed by Julio De La Fuente and the German short film “Von Hunden und Pferden“ directed by Thomas Stuber bagged the second and third places respectively. Under the foreign awards category, the best foreign short animated film was awarded to “Zeinek Gehiago Iraun“ directed by Gregorio Muro from Spain and the best foreign docu- drama was awarded to the Italian film “La Terra Sopra Di Noi“ directed by Cristian Scardigno.

Among the national entries, the first place was awarded to short film “The Tigers, they`re all dead“, directed by Ms. Reema Sengupta, while “Chanda Ke Joote“ directed by the Ektara Team and “Manju Pole…“, directed by Mr. Prasanth Kanathur bagged the second and third places respectively.

ISFFI awards 2012 were also special due to the number of category awards, given for the Indian entries. The best short animated film was given to Ms. Priyanka Shyam for the short film “The Other Side“. The best documentary was awarded to Mr. Abhijit Das Gupta for his “An Experience“. The best cinematography award was bagged by the cinematographer Pratap Nair for “Manju Pole…“. The best male actor award was given to Mr. Owais Safdar in Love Book and the best female actor award was also given to Ms. Arifa Zehra also for “Love Book“ and the best child artist award was given to Master Viraj Patil for the film “Paytaan“. Mr. Narayan Parsuram bagged the best sound design award for “Baat Waahi Hai“ and the Best Editing – Mr. Sathyaraj for the film “Mouna Viradham“ and the best special visual effects was given to Ms. Nina Sabnani & Ms. Ketki Saxena for the film “Baat Waahi Hai“.

ISFFI 2012 made a breakthrough this year in a big way, because of the collaboration from International Business Houses like Promofest, Spain, Aug&Ohr Medien, Berlin, Kimauk, Spain, Filmakademie Baden-wuerttemberg, Berlin, Ecam – Madrid en Corto, Spain, Mailuki Films, Spain, and The House of Films, Spain and Media Production Houses like L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai, S.R.M. Sivaji Ganesan Film Institute, Chennai and Media partners like Big FM, NDTV Hindu, SS Television and Chennai Online and the venue partners Abirami Theatres Private Limited, Chennai.

The two day festival indeed provided a wonderful opportunity to the film lovers to cherish some of world`s best short films in Chennai.

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